Since when was “being personal” on Facebook ideal?

January 18, 2011 at 2:21 pm | Posted in Facebook | Leave a comment

One day on my daily feeds, I came across an article by Talyor Ellwood, a social media coach and owner of the website Imagine Your Reality.

This article had a seemingly inconspicuous title: Being Personal on Facebook as a Marketing Strategy.

I read on particularly because I was partial to that kind of thinking. At least, I was prior to reading the actual article.

A disclaimer: This is not a response to the article or her opinions; these are simply my own thoughts on the subject.

Company + Personality + Facebook = ???

This is an age old question that I dare not even answer. Not only do I not have the expertise or experience required to even fathom making a judgment call on that, but there are also countless case studies that both support and disprove the theory that personality on Facebook is an ideal corporate strategy. What I am saying is the reason why this question does not have an answer – it’s different for everyone and will/won’t work on a case-by-case basis.

Facebook, fundamentally, allows for the creation and interaction of and between your own social network. That’s all it does. The content and context of that interaction differs as much as there are different types of people in your friend’s list. Sometimes, your personality shines and on others, it severely backfires on you. That’s simply how ANY relationship works.

I think that this is the curse of any business-minded individual or corporation. We are so desensitized to formulaic models and tried-and-true theories that we expect the same to apply in social media. But, I hope we remember that social media is just that – SOCIAL. Motivation, personality, communication – these social factors and elements in our daily interactions never had any scientific reasoning behind them and probably never will.

But, between you and me, that’s exactly why I like waking out of bed every morning.


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