You are NEVER Unemployed.

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The Unemployed

The New Year has come and gone, resolutions have been made and broken and everyone is coming back to reality.

That reality being: “The economy still sucks.”

I’ll admit it – technically, I am jobless. I have been actively checking literally everywhere for possible jobs but it seems that hiring hasn’t quite picked up yet. There’s a good… or rather, “better” outlook for employment in 2011 but reality doesn’t allow me and a lot of you out there the luxury of waiting for that to happen.

So, fellow social media-lists, what do we do about it? Hint: This is a trick question.

That’s because your job never really stops when you voluntarily or forcibly leave your company: you are still working in social media. As the social media industry is still new and unconventional, I believe it also follows that the notion of a “social media job” is also new and unconventional.

That’s the beauty and curse of working in social! You are constantly connected to the job – Your personal branding always needs improvement, your writing skills constantly need polishing and your network can always go bigger. Your reputation as a social media specialist does NOT require you working for a company; Building your experience, your social media identity and credibility IS your job – you learn your skills to sell and companies just so happen “buy” you when they see fit.

When you signed the figurative contract to work in social media, you became your own business and your own entrepreneur. Your product is your skills, your marketing is your online brand and your consumer channel is your social network. Companies, or rather, customers, will “buy” into you more if you have a strong brand identity, following, ability to create content, etc.

So, stop refreshing the job pages and handing out resumes for now. Think of your real commitment to yourself. Should you promote yourself via blogging? Increase your networking via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook? Gain a skill in coding Javascript and HTML? Work for your friend’s website as a freelance SEO specialist? The possibilities are endless, and will ultimately lead me and you to an interested “buyer”.

Here’s some excellent links to help you further along in your job: to build yourself, your network and your skills to find a paying customer.

Mashable – 19 Resources to help you land a job in 2011 – Get yourself noticed by growing your network.

Copyblogger – Copywriting 101 – Don’t let the site’s name fool you –  even in just publishing within social media, I find copywriting skills to be a must.

Daily Blog Tips – The Art of Leveraging your Blog – Perfect your writing and marketing skills. You just might be surprised.

ProBlogger – Make Money Blogging – Have people buy into what you love to write!

Feel free to share your own tips in the comments! If I receive enough, I will edit this post as a compilation for all.


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