A Viral Moment in Time

January 1, 2011 at 12:01 am | Posted in Other | Leave a comment

Happy New Year, and glad tidings to all of you!

2011 promises to be a great year; economy is slowly but surely getting back on track, holiday shopping is still on the high and people are placing a lot of hope in this year; if evidenced by the tweets and status updates coming at exactly 12 midnight. It is, pardon the shameless plug, a viral moment in time.

What does this mean you ask? It’s the time where seemingly every “right” person is on Facebook and Twitter, almost as if waiting to read your status update and tweet. It’s the time where what you post on your blog gets 100x more views than usual at that moment. It’s the time where YOUR network’s activity is on an all-time high that you are almost guaranteed online activity.

So when, if ever, does this happen? Of course, once in a year events (such as the heralding of the new year) has this built-in by definition. Everyone is posting updates and looking at other’s updates (looking at the timing of this post tells that story). Other viral moments might be brought about by you – your company launching a new product or your birthday coming up. Both personal users and business users are counting down for these times to happen when they can engage as many people as possible. That’s why businesses socially pitch the most during the holidays and your neighbor’s party invites get sent out at the eve of 4th of July. Different motivation, same reason.

But, I think that today’s social media landscape doesn’t allow the avid social media-list the privilege of simply waiting for these pre-marked times to happen and then publishing content. Today’s world has grown far too competitive even at a personal level – attention is fleeting and it’s naive to even hope your post about resolutions will go viral at new year’s eve.

Activity is high, yes. But one has to make that post at that time worth it. Of course, every post has to be worth reading, but this applies during these times more than ever. To make an analogy, you can’t just bring a bullhorn to a new year’s party; you have to bring and light up the entire fireworks display to make your point. People ARE there watching and waiting but they still have the luxury to choose which to link to click. Your job, whether to impress your friends or to sell a product, is to make sure you get that click and the biggest activity time with your audience.

Think of it in these terms: for your 2011 viral moments, resolve to:
1. Be different, yet relevant.
2. Be loud, yet clear.
3. Be thoughtful, yet simple.
4. Be sensational, yet true.

Once again, happy 2011 everyone!

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