Want to be social? Learn to code. NOW.

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Social Coding

There is a pandemic in social.

No, not your countless hours spent on Facebook. That’s another pandemic.

This pandemic is about how companies perceive how to work in social media. They utterly believe that working with anything online requires knowledge of code language: HTML, C++, CSS/ Ruby, etc. Of course, social media being fundamentally online, this perception still applies even to the most basic social media marketing tactic.

And I 100% agree with this statement.

My only regret? That I didn’t know this sooner.
In my job search and working experience with social, this is quickly becoming my Achilles’ heel. The fact that my coding experience up to this point has been minimal at best is, for the lack of a better term, biting me in the butt from qualifying myself to a better position in working with social media.

It makes sense to learn it; Facebook Connect, Blog designing, webpage creation, special content and graphics creation, email newsletters – all of these require coding ability to some degree. It is the backbone of all status updates, blog posts, user interaction, etc, that we all know and love with social media. Companies will expect you to know it, your colleagues will expect you to help them with it. It’s not necessarily the main focus, but coding is a fundamental piece of the pie.

Thankfully, you can learn to code yourself (bless be the name of the inventor of the search engine)! Coding resources are abundant and have become amazingly streamlined that almost anyone with online experience can start coding effectively within days. It’s become easier to get into and a worthwhile skill to master.

Quick tips to get you started:

1. Google it. Most basic yet important advice of all. Even experienced coders run into problems that they can’t fix by themselves. Chances are, if you’re having problems with something, someone else has posted about it too. Also, Google is a GREAT place to start your learning.

2. Read, do, read, do. Coding is a language and like any language, takes practice. The only difference is that in coding, you type instead of speaking. For example, there are multiple guides out there to create your own website that outline it step by step. These are perfect to get you started in going from simple to complex, one step at a time.

3. Start with your ongoing social media projects. The trick to learning is by applying it to what you care about. Edit your blog design, Facebook campaigns, pages, etc by coding; it gives you versatile options and creates a uniquely-you look for your site.

So, if you’re even contemplating of working in social media, take coding up now. You will thank me later. 😉

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