In front of social media 24/7?

November 28, 2010 at 9:35 pm | Posted in Other | Leave a comment

If you are anywhere in the realm of social media, you’ve probably heard, or are already subscribed to the “sages of the industry”. Sites like Mashable!, Problogger or entities like Brian Solis should all be familiar to you as they offer some of the best advice about working in social.

I keep tabs on these regularly, and one of the newsletters from Mashable! actually came in today. The featured article? “6 Ways to Score a Job Through Twitter”.

Well, I -have- to read that. *knocks on title of this blog*

After reading this, it all honestly intimidated me a bit. The link is here for those who want to read it first, and I suggest that you do. It’s a really in-depth, inspirational and slightly creepy insight on Tweeting for a job.

Now, essentially all the activities there required you to pretty much sell your soul to Twitter. Okay, might be exaggerating a bit but I found that article to be quite the hard list. It seems simple, but it takes -real- dedication to… *cough* Tweet for a Living.

Which is the point of this short post. After reading this article, I realized that a.) I have not done nearly enough to really sell myself in Social Media and b.) Do I really want to do this?

I’m conveniently going through a fork in the road in my life right now, so I do have to answer this question myself.

But, I encourage any of you who are or will be reading this to take this time to re-assess your social media lifestyle.

Read through the advice and insights. Understand what you’re getting yourself into. In more ways than one, social media is one of the most demanding new jobs out there. You have to have the inside track in your industry, company, employees, activities, competition, etc. and be able to respond to it in a heartbeat. You have to know what’s what and who’s who in your field as well as social media in general in an effort to make yourself and your job more efficient.

Most importantly though; Do you want to be social?

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